News Flash: Dana Milbank Is a Corrupt Liberal Hack

OK- So it’s not quite a news flash.
It’s not even a question.
The question is how this guy can keep a job when his commentary is so obviously corrupt.

Here is liberal hack Dana Milbank today in The Washington Post:

The bailout bill was going down to defeat on the House floor yesterday, and Democratic and Republican leaders were desperately trying to twist arms and change votes when a bipartisan group of backbenchers began to heckle them.

“Regular order!” they cried, demanding that the leaders end the vote and pronounce the bill dead.

In the well of the chamber, Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the normally genial House majority leader, turned with fury on one of his tormentors, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.), and shouted: “The market’s tanking as we speak!”

So it was. The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 778 points, the largest one-day point drop in history. And no wonder: In the Congress of the United States, the insane are now running the asylum.

What fantasy land does Milbank live in?


After Pelosi gave one of the nastiest partisan talks in US history are we supposed to believe that Democrats wanted this thing to pass?

Get real.

The Democratic leader didn’t even “whip” up her representatives, let alone her committee leaders. They admitted that yesterday.

And, Rahm Emmanuel who served as a board member for Freddie Mac, one of the federal agencies behind the crisis, was monitoring votes on the floor:

He took a leadership role in tanking the bill. “He was cheerleading us along, mothering the votes,” says the aide. “We wanted enough to put the pressure on the Republicans and Congressman Emanuel was charged with making it close enough. He did a great job.”

Oh, and Dear Leader Obama did not make a single call urging support for the bailout bill.

While Republican members were battling their consciences over the bailout bill, Democrats were playing politics.

Then after the vote failed the democrats cracked jokes while the market lost $1.2 trillion.

The Democrats were not “twisting any arms.”
They put personal power before their country, again.

Milbank’s spin today was disgraceful.

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