Murdoch: Obama's Policy Is Very Naive, Old Fashioned, 1960's Socialism

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is worried about Barack Obama’s very, very naive, old fashioned, 1960’s socialism.

Murdoch said that Obama and Biden’s policies will raise inflation and ruin our relationships with the rest of the world.
News Hounds reported:

Rupert Murdoch was a guest on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (September 19, 2008). He and Cavuto talked about a wide range of things but mostly the Wall Street mess and politics. This is what he said about Barack Obama:

Cavuto: “Your New York Post, very early on, endorsed the McCain/Palin ticket. Since that endorsement, we have heard a lot of this populist talk. We’ve heard a lot of this corporate railing, which again, seems to resonate in the polls. Do you regret that?”

Murdoch: “Not in the least. Ah, I’m very worried. I like ah, ah, Senator Obama very much. I’ve met him. He’s a very intelligent man, but his policy of anti-globalization, protectionism, he’s going to, ah, and card checks (?), are going to do two or three things. They’re going to give us a lot of inflation. They’re going to ruin our relationships with the rest of the world, and the, and they’re going to slow down the rest of the world too, and they’re going to make people frightened to add to employment. Um, you’re going to find companies leaving this country if it’s, if you could put a protectionist wall around it. You’re gonna get, he, his policy is really very, very naive, old fashioned, 1960’s socialist.

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