The Presidential Debate- McCain Schools Obama at Ole Miss (Video)

Here we go…
The first presidential debate kicked off tonight in Mississippi.
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Obama- “We are fighting two wars.” Huh? The Messiah definitely seems a bit nervous and rushed.

McCain- Offers a prayer for Senator Kennedy. Classy. He says he feels better tonight about the work in Washington DC. We’ve finally seen Republicans and Democrats working together on a package. He gives a nod to House Republicans.

Obama- Looking flustered already. Nothing he’s said has resonated.

McCain- So far has a gentle wise tone in his delivery. McCain scores- says Obama has asked for $1 Million in pork per day since he’s been in the US Senate.

Obama- No answer- McCain gives tax breaks to the rich. Blah-blah-blah.

Jim Lehrer so far is doing a good job keeping himself out of the discussion.

McCain- The senator is talking now about the success of the surge and a stable ally in the region and our soldiers coming home in victory and not defeat.
Slam dunk.

Obama- I opposed this war (as a Illinois state senator). I will not hesitate to use our military.

McCain- Slams Obama on the surge.

Obama- The violence has been reduced. Petraeus has done a brilliant job. It was a tactic in a failed war(?) If the question is who is better equipped.

McCain- Senator Obama does not understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy. The soldiers said, “Let us win!”
A strategy has brought peace and prosperity. Senator Obama and voted to cut off funds for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama- We had a difference on a timetable. blah-blah
(Not true- He voted for defeat.)

McCain- Admiral Mullen said Obama’s strategy was unsafe. Obama’s plan would have made the region more dangerous.

Obama- The central front is going to be in Afghanistan. We have to press the Afghan government. I’ve said this to President Karzai (the one time I went to Afghanistan.)

McCain- Just chastised Obama on his inflammatory remarks on Pakistan. Obama doesn’t understand we need to use the same strategy that he opposed in Iraq. (Zing!)

** Has the media declared Obama the winner, yet? CNN? MSNBC?

McCain- Obama doesn’t understand that their was a failed state in Pakistan when Musharraf came to power. Right on! McCain kicking butt! We won’t go home in defeat.

Obama- Pulls out his antiwar bracelet. Nice. What a warrior.

McCain- You might think if Obama cared so much about Afghanistan he would have traveled to Afghanistan. Obama does not seem to understand there is connection between the two.


McCain- If Iran builds nuclear weapons then they are a threat to Israel and the region. Let’s be clear the Russians are blocking progress in the Security Council.
McCain wants a League of Democracies. Good move.

Obama- blah-blah Says Kissinger wants McCain to sit down with the Iranian regime without preconditions.
(Not true.)

McCain- Kissinger never said that. He said that lower level talks were necessary first.

Obama- I never said there wouldn’t be lower level talks first.
(Not true.)

McCain- Obama is parsing words. He says “preconditions” mean “preparations.”

Here’s the exchange–

Obama- Says he did not hesitate on Georgia crisis(?)

Obama- The way we are perceived in the world is the way we get cooperation. The last 8 years this administration has been only focused on Iraq. (Huh?) China is stronger because we have only focused on Iraq. (Huh?) …Nobody’s talking about losing this war.

McCain- I know the veterans and they know I know them. They know that I love them and will take care of them.

Obama- My father was Kenyan. That’s where I get my name.

McCain ended on a terrific note!

Instapundit has a post debate Insta-poll up.
Drudge has a poll up, too.

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