McCain Pulls Out of Debate Due to Economic Crisis …Update: Obama Says Debate Is On …Update: Reid Says "Don't Come Back!"

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The McCain-Palin Campaign released this ad today on America’s other crisis- the energy crisis and the Democrats non-energy energy plan:

McCain shows leadership and puts COUNTRY FIRST…
Senator John McCain announced today that he wants to delay Friday’s debate because of the economic crisis and return to Washington to focus on the nation’s financial problems.
Business leaders are saying the US is facing a “Financial Pearl Harbor!”
McCain has been wanting to debate the freshman senator for months.
Some people lead and some people follow.

Michelle Malkin is polling readers on McCain’s decision to delay the debate.

UPDATE 2: Obama says the debate is on.

UPDATE 3: Obama says he initiated the calls to McCain this morning.
The McCain Camp said earlier that they initiated the calls!

UPDATE 4: Senator Harry Reid told McCain not to come back to DC– “We don’t need you.” Reid said they would not be helpful?
More… Reid read his statement off to McCain during a phone call and then hung up.

Reid also reported earlier that the work of the US Senate is far from over.
…But, he doesn’t want any help from McCain– He can’t stand him, you know.

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