Karl Rove Outraged At Pelosi's Vicious Partisan Gimmicks (Video)

There is plenty of evidence that Democrats wanted the bailout vote to fail today.
During this national crisis, the vicious speech by Speaker Pelosi was not designed to bring the parties together or to gain any Republican votes.
It was just another chance for the Speaker to play politics and Bush-bash while the nation was looking for some hope. The speaker also gave key Democrats a pass on the bailout vote.

It’s really not surprising then that Democrats were cracking jokes after the vote failed and the stock market was sliding some 700 points.

Karl Rove was outraged at the Speaker’s scheming during this national crisis:

From his appearance on The O’Reilly Factor.


Apparently, according to Rove, Democrats were already talking about how they were going to use the vote to attack Republicans before the votes were even counted.

More… Even Obama Campaign co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. voted against the bill.

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