House GOP Removes Pelosi Pork to ACORN From Bailout Plan

In case you wondered about ACORN– a scandalous organization closely linked to Barack Obama
Here is video where St. Louis ACORN workers admit they were told to canvas for Democrat Claire McCaskill while signing up voters:

Video by St. Louis blogger PubDef in 2006.

The House GOP members were able to remove the Pelosi pork going to the Far Left group ACORN from the bailout bill during negotiations last night.
This information was sent out this morning from the House GOP office:

Two points to keep in mind:

** We have yet to see legislative language. House Republicans have said the bill language should be posted online for public review at least 24 hours before the vote.

** House Republicans will meet later today to review these changes and determine next steps.

Help for Main Street:

** If after five years, the government has a net loss as a result of the purchase program, the President is required to submit a proposal to recoup those losses from the entities that benefited from this program. [Negotiated by House GOP]

** Provides for warrants of non-voting stock in companies receiving assistance so that taxpayers have an opportunity to recoup any losses.

** Allows community banks to take capital losses on Government Sponsored Entity (GSE) assets against ordinary income, providing much needed relief for local banks. [House GOP Priority]

** Authorizes government agencies that hold mortgages to do work-outs with troubled borrowers provided such workouts do not harm the interests of taxpayers. [Negotiated by House GOP]

Assistance Funded By Wall Street, Not Main Street:

** Requires the establishment of an insurance guarantee program that in lieu of purchasing assets with taxpayer funds is available to insure assets at no cost to the taxpayer. Costs would be fully paid for by participating companies (i.e. those receiving the assistance). Assets insured by the program would count against the total funds the Secretary would otherwise have available to make purchases. [House GOP Priority]

Eliminating Special Interest Earmarks:

Prior to House Republicans stepping in, Democrats had loaded up the bill with special interest provisions. Provisions removed by House Republicans include:

** Provision to provide unions and other activist groups with proxy access for corporate boards

** Provision to mandate shareholder votes on compensation issues (union priority)

** Diversion of funds into a housing fund to support left-wing activist groups like ACORN

** A provision to allow trial judges to arbitrarily adjust mortgages, creating bonanza for trial lawyers

** A provision to require the government to sell to state and local governments at a discount homes the government acquires as a result of foreclosure

The DC Examiner has a chart of the improvements made to the final bill from House Republican Whip Roy Blunt’s office.

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