Figures. Media Ignores Biden's Outright Lie About Iraq… Focus on Visiting African 'Witchcraft" Pastor At Palin's Church

In October 2007, Senator Joe Biden introduced and sponsored Amendment 2997 in the US Senate.
It was an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 and its purpose was- “To express the sense of Congress on federalism in Iraq.”
MSNBC described Biden’s federalism bill:

In a strong rebuff to the Bush Administration on Iraq, the Senate overwhelming approved a plan by Biden that essentially calls for breaking Iraq into three sections: Kurd, Sunni, and Shia… The measure also calls on the five permanent members of the United Nations and members of the international community to convene a conference to help the Iraqis set up the federal regions.

The bill passed.

The Iraqis were furious. They protested in the streets and called a special meeting in parliament to reply to the U.S. Congress resolution on the division of Iraq into three Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni entities.

Now, Joe Biden is denying he ever pushed the federalism bill.
Sweetness and Light caught this outright lie by Senator Joe Biden earlier this week:

So what is the liberal media saying about this outright lie by Joe Biden?

Instead they are focused on the visiting African pastor at Sarah Palin’s Church who blessed her and prayed over her asking God to keep her safe from witchcraft- a common practice in Africa.
There were at least 410 articles published this week on Palin and witchcraft.

MSNBC even tried to equate this event to the 20 years Barack Obama mentored with G-Damn AmeriKKKa Jeremiah Wright.

In response, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League lashed out the Palin bashers in the media and the Far Left.
This was so good that I am reprinting the article here.
The Catholic League reported:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments today on news reports that an African minister once asked God to protect Sarah Palin from witchcraft:

“In 2005, Sarah Palin went to church and found that a visiting minister from Kenya, Bishop Thomas Muthee, was doing the service. He offered a prayer asking Jesus to keep her free from ‘every form of witchcraft.’ Palin said nothing—she simply kept her head bowed throughout the blessing. Why this is newsworthy is one issue, but why it has quickly become the subject of scorn is another.

“For the past two decades, Americans have been lectured by educators and the chattering class that we must respect cultural, religious, racial and ethnic diversity. It seems that exceptions to the creed of multiculturalism are only made when it suits the ideological agenda of the left. Enter Keith Olbermann: He exploited this incident last night as a club to paint Palin as an extremist. Moreover, he used this single blessing to unfavorably contrast the African minister to Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The MSNBC commentator incredibly said that Wright—who spewed hate speech before Obama for 20 years—‘seems pretty mainstream’ by comparison.

“Witchcraft is a sad reality in many parts of Africa, resulting in scores of deaths in Kenya over the past two decades. Bishop Muthee’s blessing, then, was simply a reflection of his cultural understanding of evil. While others are not obliged to accept his interpretation, all can be expected to respect it. More than that—Muthee should be hailed for asking God to shield Palin from harmful forces, however they may be manifested. And for this he is mocked and Palin ridiculed?

“We know that many cultural elites have a hard time embracing religion, but is it too much to ask that they at least show some manners when discussing subjects which most Americans hold dear?”

Well said.
Liberals just don’t get it.

UPDATE: Biden was caught again– lying about McCain’s health plan to an audience yesterday.

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