FATHER OF HACKER Is Tennessee Dem State Rep!!!!! …Update: Name- David Kernell …Update: He's Been Contacted by Feds!


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Do you remember this from Michelle Malkin’s post last night:


The source said “[email protected]” was the hacker(?)

Now there’s this…
Wired.com has the latest on the Palin scandal:

…The story was briefly posted Wednesday to the 4chan forum where the hack first surfaced. Bloggers have connected the handle of the poster, “Rubico,” to an e-mail address, and tentatively identified the owner as a college student in Tennessee.

Threat Level was unable to reach the student by phone because his number is unlisted. His father, when reached at home, said he could not talk about the matter and would have no comment. The father is a Democratic state representative in Tennessee.

More… Rubico 10’s account has been closed on YouTube:

His Steam Community profile is marked private.
His Newground account is now blank, too.

Here’s a cached look at his YouTube account:

20-US-White Male
Hat Tip Brennan

Free Republic is on it.

More on the Palin Hacker—
This is from the comment’s section from Michelle’s earlier post:

AKGoldRush over at LittleGreenFootballs.com unearthed who rubico is in this thread (it’s not the topic of the thread so just do a search for the name to find the posts in question…but he outs rubico10 in post #873).


David Kernell
[email protected]
Memphis, TN
amateur chess player
son of democratic state 93rd district senator Mike Kernell (Tennessee)

The password he chose for Palin’s email was popcorn. Get it? Popcorn? Kernell? How very clever of him.

And apparently, someone’s even updated his Wiki page with this info! (It’s been deleted but is still viewable in the history tab).

More on Rubico10=David Kernell HERE.

His Wikipage has had a lot of revisions today.

UPDATE: Daddy’s website is gone!

Here is daddy Dem. Rep. Mike Kernell’s webpage:

Mike Kernell is not currently answering his office phone but there is another number available.
I decided not to call his home number since this report was just published—

UPDATE 2: David Kernell has been contacted by federal agents.
Knox News reported:

The son of state Rep. Mike Kernell has been contacted by authorities in connection with a probe into the hacking of personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Kernell told The Tennessean.

Kernell, a Memphis Democrat, said his 20-year-old son David had been contacted by authorities investigating the hacking of Palin’s personal e-mail account, the newspaper reported on its Web site this afternoon.

The FBI and the Secret Service started a formal investigation Wednesday into the hacking, according to the Associated Press.

Hat Tip Denise

UPDATE 3: Obviously the libtards are not happy about this development.
Here’s an outraged Obamatron from the comments below:

More… From Rep. Kernell, via Commercial Appeal:

In Nashville Thursday, Rep. Kernell would neither confirm nor deny his son had any involvement in hacking Palin’s e-mail account. Although Kernell said he was aware of the claims his son was responsible for hacking Palin’s e-mail, the politician would not address any of them.

“Father-son relationship,” Kernell explained.

The longtime legislator would not say whether [email protected] is his son’s e-mail address. “I can’t comment on my son,” he repeated.

Asked if he has been contacted by investigators, Kernell responded: “Me, no.”

“I can’t say about my son,” he added. “That doesn’t mean he has or hasn’t been contacted.”

UPDATE 4: (10:00 P

M) Does anyone else find it odd that 8 hours after this news broke on the internet and 7 hours after it was first reported at Knox News that the mainstream media is still keeping quiet on this major crime?

UPDATE 5: (Friday AM) Latest updates including video– Alaska FBI has contacted their Memphis offices.

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