"Disrespectful"… McCain-Palin Hammer Obama-Biden

Here’s the latest ad by the McCain Camp lashing out at The One and his two for their disrespect of Governor Palin:

Considering the outlandish attacks by democratic leaders and the liberal media on Governor Palin this last week alone, this ad nails it.

In response to the awful attacks on the popular Alaska governor over the past 7 days Barack Obama announced today, once again, that he is going to attack her and John McCain more forcefully and with intensity.

Palin gets a break… Sean Hannity will interview Sarah Palin next week and will show the interview in two parts on Tuesday and Wednesday.
At least with this interview Governor Palin will know the host is open and honest about his political intentions.


UPDATE: One liberal, Kirsten Powers, blasted ABC for its botched interview.
…Good for Kirsten!

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