Christian Readers Outraged Over WaPo Cartoon Smearing Palin

Christian readers are outraged over The Washington Post‘s attack on Sarah Palin.

The WaPo received over 350 complaints for their decision to run a cartoon that smeared Governor Palin and Christians.
Christian Today reported:

The leader of the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination denounced a cartoon in the Washington Post that mocks Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Pentecostalism, and Christianity as “despicable”.

“The cartoon is despicable,” decried Assemblies of God’s chief executive officer, George O Wood, in a statement last Friday. “Millions of Christians today follow the example of first century Christians who prayed in other tongues.

“The Washington Post would not think of printing a cartoon that mocked members of the Muslim or Jewish faiths,” he charged. “It should be ashamed.”

In the cartoon, posted online September 9, Palin is illustrated talking on the phone at a podium in an incomprehensible language. Republican vice presidential nominee John McCain stands near Palin and says with a grin, “She’s a Pentecostal and speaks in tongues, and only God can understand what she’s saying. But it gives my campaign a direct line to the Almighty.”

The next drawing shows “God” in heaven holding a phone saying to an angel, “Peter. What’s wrong with this phone? All I can hear is some dam’ right wing politician spouting gibberish!”

…According to representative Deborah Howell, received some 350 complaints from readers about the cartoon by Pat Oliphant, which they said lampooned their faith.

Oliphant is well known for his disgusting attacks on conservatives and Christians.

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