At 9-11 Anniversary Tribute… Muslim Cleric Promises Next Massive Attack Will Be in Great Britain

A group of radical Muslims held a 9-11 Anniversary “tribute” in London this week.
They promised that the next massive attack would be in Great Britain.
The “tribute” was covered by the local media.

Radical Islamist Omar Bakri Mohammed, who rejoiced over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, promised this week that the next 9-11 will be in Great Britain.

The Daily Mail and ROP reported:

Muslim hate fanatics plan to take over Britain by having more babies and forcing a population explosion, it has been revealed.

The swollen Muslim population would be enough to conquer Britain from inside, they claim.

Fanatics told a meeting of young Muslims on the anniversary of the 9/11 atrocity, that it would then be easy to impose Sharia law on the population, the Sun newspaper reported.

Speaking at a meeting in London, Anjem Choudary, right-hand man of exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, said: “It may be by pure conversion that Britain will become an Islamic state. We may never need to conquer it from the outside.”

He added: “We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law.

His comments were made as voice of hate Bakri warned that the next 9/11 would take place in the UK.

Speaking via video link the exiled cleric said Osama bin Laden had taught the Americans a ‘lesson’ seven years ago, but the ‘crusaders’ had not learned.

He said the next ‘9/11 will take place in Britain, the next 7/7 [London bombings] could take place locally’.

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