Walking In the Shoes Of an Innocent Turnip Farmer Held at Gitmo

Amnesty International brought their travelling Gitmo cage to the DNC Convention this week.
They were spreading awareness of the world’s worst human right’s disaster in the last 8 years… next to Abu Ghraib and the Haditha massacre, of course.

This Gitmo clad AI worker looked like a nice enough prison guard.

Several Leftists took the whole family out to enjoy the Gitmo cell.

It looked safe enough.

So, I decided to take the tour of the Gitmo cell even though in the back of my mind I knew that under the Bush regime there were reports of the prisoner abuse. I knew if she tried anything I might be forced to retaliate like those brave warriors before me.


Just when I was feeling comfortable she made me assume a submissive Gitmo position.

She teased me and threatened to bring out the water board.
It was not funny. I had heard about the long term damage of this horrible abuse.

I asked for my baked Tandouri Chicken Breast and Mustard-Dill Baked Fishon and my lawyer and a Koran.

She laughed at me. I was without hope and ready for change.
It was only after I promised to tell Newsweek that she peed on my Koran that she backed off and let me go–
Back to my turnips.

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