Vets For Freedom Founders Crash the Nasty Anti-"Bush Legacy" Bus & Bring the Staff to Near Tears For Their Shameful Displays (Video)

Vets for Freedom founders Pete Hegseth and David Bellavia boarded the anti-Bush Legacy propaganda bus this week parked outside the DNC Convention at the Pepsi Center.

This nasty collection of anti-Bush slander on wheels, that is funded by George Soros and others, has an extremely offensive Iraq collection where these shameful Far Left hacks show US Soldier snuff films that were taped by insurgents as part of their propaganda!

Watch as Pete Hegseth and David Bellavia crash this outrageous anti-American display of enemy propaganda.


This is an exceptional video by Founding Bloggers.
You will be very impressed with the professionalism and people skills of these two VFF members as they confront the staff.
It is Amazing Video:

Did you catch how the staff member asked the two US veterans to leave when he found out they were pro-Victory?
How sad it is that today’s Left stands for US Military Defeat…
And, how disgusting it is that they Hard Left will not even admit the gains of the Bush Surge or the fact that we are winning this war today.

** It must really suck hoping and wishing that your country loses on the battlefield.

Founding Bloggers has much more on this encounter including this:

Thankfully, there are more responsible elements out there that are taking the time to educate people about how the war is really going. Those people include Pete Hegseth and David Bellavia of Vets For Freedom. They just returned from Iraq and generously took the time to visit your Founding Bloggers. Together we all ventured into the liberal fever swamp of the Soros-funded, hyper partisan, Bush Legacy Bus. Of course, we had our camera in tow.

The result? A polite yet challenging encounter with the curators of the exhibits. What happens when distortions, spin, and talking points are surrounded by hard firsthand facts? Check out the video and see for yourself.

The anti-Bush Legacy bus will travel to Minnesota this coming week.

UPDATE: (10 AM CST) It looks like this video struck a nerve.
This comment from a liberal reader was posted a few minutes ago.
He wants to see the US troops come home in body bags.

Click to Enlarge
Not just antiwar— But, threatening violence and wishing the US troops would die.
That’s today’s American Left.

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