Tyra Banks Strikes a Michelle Obama Oval Office Pose in Harper's Bazaar

Tyra Banks plays Mrs. President dress up in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar:

Tyra Banks talks up Michelle “You’re one hot mama” Obama.
Harper’s Bazaar spins:

Today, though, it’s a rather more modern potential first lady who has Banks compelled. When it came to paying homage to Michelle Obama for this story, Banks found the process “surreal.” “It’s kind of embarrassing,” she confesses, “but in my early 20s, I used to want to be a princess. But I didn’t want to have to marry somebody in order to do it! Of course, I don’t see the position of first lady as a princess, where it’s something you have to marry into. With Barack Obama, his becoming president is them becoming president because Michelle was there from the beginning. Without Michelle, he wouldn’t be there.” Or, as she pronounces to her Tyra Banks Show camera after her Oval Office portrait, “Michelle Obama, you’re one hot mama.”

A number of presidential candidates have appeared on Banks’s talk show (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards), and she’s after Michelle Obama to appear this fall. She has met her before, noting she was “so warm and so gracious. She’s got that direct-eye-contact, truly-connecting thing. She’s not a ‘ha, ha, ha’ type.” She smiles and continues, “And I love that she’s tall.”

Warm and gracious?

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