Surprise!… Pelosi Backtracks On Drilling "Hoax"

Speaker Pelosi backtracks.
For 30 years Democrats have blocked domestic drilling and energy development in this country.

Pelosi intends to keep it that way.

Pelosi on Thursday said she would not allow the drilling “hoax” to come to the floor of the House.
SFGate reported:

Pelosi said she wants to end what she called the failed energy policies supported by “two oilmen in the White House,” referring to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, former oil company executives.

“They want us to do more of the same,” she said. “So they’ve come up with this gimmick, this hoax” that says if drilling is allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and offshore, “it’s going to bring down the price at the pump.”

“Ten years, 2 cents,” Pelosi said, arguing that 10 years would be the time needed to reap a small benefit to most Americans. “Even the president has said it isn’t a quick fix. … I can’t allow a hoax to come to the floor.

Today over 60% of Americans believe that Congress should vote on drilling right now.


*** Sign the petition here urging Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to allow responsible doemestic energy development.

Lawhawk has more on the troll at the bridge.

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