St. Louis Holds 1st Ever World Naked Bike Ride Protest (Photos)

The first ever “St. Louis World Naked Bike Ride” was held at Tower Grove Park on Saturday night.

The objective of the ride was to protest oil dependency, to promote comfortable body image, to increase awareness of cyclists in a motor-driven world, to provide exercise and fun for all those who participate…
And, to get naked and freaky.

Just to let you know… This kind of thing doesn’t happen too often in St. Louis, if ever. There were cars and lawn chairs lined up all along the bike path.
I unselfishly sacrificed my Saturday night to bring you this report.

Several of the riders preferred body paint. (World Naked Bike Ride)


News 4 St. Louis KMOV aired video of the protest.

Some riders chose to wear pasties instead. (GP)

These protesters joined Speaker Pelosi in their desire to save the planet from Big Oil. The cyclists want citizens to focus on alternative transportation. (GP)

More paint. (GP)

Safety first! (GP)

No paint. (World Naked Bike Ride)

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