Shock Poll… 92% of Poor Blacks Favor Obama

African-Americans Boost Obama’s Lead Among Poor Voters
Reuters reported that Barack Obama holds a lead over John McCain among poor Americans. African-Americans and Hispanics overwhelmingly favor the Democrat.

Democrat Barack Obama holds a two-to-one lead over Republican John McCain among low-wage workers but many are uncommitted to either presidential candidate, to according to a new poll by The Washington Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University.

Obama’s advantage is due largely to overwhelming support from African Americans and Hispanics, but even among white voters, the Illinois senator leads McCain 47 percent to 37 percent, The Washington Post reported in Monday editions.

The poll found that one in six white workers polled remains uncommitted to either candidate, the Post reported.

The group, which accounts for nearly a quarter of U.S. adults, views Obama as the more empathetic candidate and the one who most closely shares their values, it said

The poll suggests McCain’s biggest challenge is among minority workers.

Ninety-two percent of African Americans chose Obama as the candidate most concerned with their problems; not a single black respondent said that about McCain, the Post said.

One thing this election is shedding light on is that absolute strangle hold Democrats have on the African-American community. In 2004 Kerry took 88% of the black vote, dead and alive. In 2008, Obama will likely boost that number.

JWF calls today’s poll worthless.

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