Russian Tanks Bust Through Police Car Barricade In Georgian Village (Video)

Tbilisi’s Blog posted video today of Russian tanks busting through a police car barricade on the road:
(3 minutes 6 seconds)

The Georgian police were trying to prevent the Russians from moving towards the village of Lamiskana. Their police car barricade did not impress the Russians.
Tbilisi Blog reported:

Four armored vehicles appeared in the village Igoeti today intending to move towards the village of Lamiskana. Georgian police resisted to the aggressors and made a barrier with their vehicles, however, the soldiers received an order from their general to drive over the police vehicles and so they did. The police managed to get out of the cars and luckily, no one was injured. Afterwards five other tanks drove towards the same village in couple of minutes after the incident.

Russian today moved missile launchers into South Ossetia Province in Georgia.

More… Condoleezza Rice said today that NATO would not allow Moscow to draw a new Iron Curtain.

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