Ruh-Roh… Obama's Numbers With Jewish Voters Drop Below McGovern's

Barack Obama’s numbers continue to drop the more people get to know him.

Doug Ross Graphic

Is Barack Obama the George McGovern of the new millennium?
Israel Matsav reported today on Barack Obama’s standing with Jewish voters.

Not since George McGovern has a Democratic candidate been in worse standing with Jewish voters. In fact, as Michael Freund reported, Obama’s numbers may be worse than the 1972 Democratic Presidential candidate:


57% is still a majority, but for a Democratic candidate it’s not enough. The candidate who was beaten the worst in an American Presidential election – George McGovern – drew 64% of the Jewish vote to Richard Nixon’s 33%. We all know who won the election. In 1984, Walter Mondale won 67% of the Jewish vote – and lost the election. The only candidate who did worse than McGovern was Obama’s mentor, Jimmy Carter, who drew 45% of the Jewish vote in 1980 (and even then Ronald Reagan only won 39% – third party candidate John Anderson won 15%). Carter lost that election.

Do you suppose Obama’s anti-semitic friends and pro-Hamas church have Jewish voters a bit concerned?

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