Empty Seats Welcome Empty Suit Obama at VFW Convention

This is one of those speeches that makes you want to spit out your lunch…
Obama whines, moans about patriotism, attacks McCain, and says he’s not a waffler.

It’s no wonder he faced so many empty seats and only polite applause at the VFW Convention today in Orlando.

After John McCain slammed the cut-and-runner during his talk at the VFW Convention yesterday, Barack Obama came before the group this morning and whined about unfair political tactics. This is after The One blasted McCain yesterday in a shameful attack on “his president” George W. Bush.


Obama also insisted he had not changed his position on Iraq:

Does anyone actually buy that?
Here’s more from his bag of crap he dumped on the veterans today:

Yesterday, Senator McCain came before you. He is a man who has served this nation honorably, and he correctly stated that one of the chief criteria for the American people in this election is going to be who can exercise the best judgment as Commander in Chief. But instead of just offering policy answers, he turned to a typical laundry list of political attacks.

He said that I have changed my position on Iraq when I have not. He said that I am for a path of “retreat and failure.” And he declared, “Behind all of these claims and positions by Senator Obama lies the ambition to be president” – suggesting, as he has so many times, that I put personal ambition before my country.

That is John McCain’s prerogative. He can run that kind of campaign, and – frankly – that’s how political campaigns have been run in recent years. But I believe the American people are better than that. I believe that this defining moment demands something more of us.

If there’s one thing that Barack Obama is good at it’s changing his mind.
Here’s a video put together by the RNC on Obama’s several positions on Iraq and the successful Bush Surge in Iraq:

It’s obvious today that Obama has held several positions on Iraq.
His worst error is that he opposed the massively successful surge. This isn’t news to anyone.
It’s a shame he felt he had to lie to the veterans.

McCain leads Obama among veterans 56%-34% according to a new Gallup poll.

UPDATE: One third of AmericKKKan voters have questions about Obama’s patriotism.

UPDATE 2: James Taranto challenges Obama’s audacity.

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