Now… KWAME KILPATRICK Charged With Assaulting Cop!!!

Obama Friend & Supporter, Jailed Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick, Is Charged With Assaulting Cop!
Kwame Kilpatrick must agree to wear a tether before he will be released from jail.

It was only 4 short years ago that this Democratic Darling was speaking at the DNC Convention to throngs of liberal admirers.

But, that was 4 years ago…
This morning Barack Obama’s good friend and supporter was led from jail to the court house and charged with assaulting a cop.

Super-delegate Kwame Kilpatrick threw his support behind his friend Barack Obama earlier this year.


A Detroit judge just ruled that Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick can be released from jail as long as he ponies up $50,000 in cash and agrees to “wear a tether,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

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