Muslim Woman Sues Oregon City For Private Swim Times

Lul Abdulle escaped from Somalia—she fled the country’s civil war—and lived in Texas for 10 years before landing in the Northwest in 2003. Coming from a community of politically active Somalis in Texas.

Muslim Lul Abdulle is suing Portland for not providing private women-only swim times.
CBN News and Religion of Peace reported:

It’s a growing conflict between Western society and Islamic culture in America.

A Muslim woman in Oregon has petitioned the city-run pools to provide women-only swim times.

Lul Abdulle’s Islamic beliefs prohibit her from swimming in the presence of men.

The Somali Women’s Association wants Portland to provide after-hours swim times and provide female lifeguards.

But the city says that would discriminate against men and other religions.

“We can’t discriminate against religion; the other is we can’t discriminate in favor of religion,” Portland City Attorney Harry Auerbach said.

“It would essentially violate the rights of male lifeguards if we only hired female lifeguards for certain duty,” he added.

The Muslim woman says everyone should have the right to exercise and good health.

How long do you suppose Portland will hold out until they cave to her demands?

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