Little Green Footballs Mentioned In Denver Cyanide Death Investigation

Somalia Man Saleman Abdirahman Dirie Found Dead, Large Amount Of Possible Cyanide Found, possible links to Somalia al-Shabaab Terror Group

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The Vail Daily today reported:

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, of Canada, had been living on the fourth floor of the Burnsley Hotel in Denver when he was found dead just two weeks before the start of the Democratic National Convention.

Denver police got the call from the Burnsley Hotel on Monday.

Noticing a container in the room and smelling the tell-tale odor of almonds on or near Dirie’s body, they realized they might be dealing with an extraordinary situation.

Haz-mat teams found a jar containing between a pint and a quart of the unknown substance.

The Burnsley Hotel was quiet this morning, a contrast from Tuesday when the place was swarming with FBI agents and technicians.

“Because of the suspicious nature of the death and the unidentified substance — it leads to a lot of questions,” FBI Special Agent Kathy Wright, said Tuesday.

In fact, bloggers are abuzz today over a threatening posting by a man with nearly the same name as Dirie.

“Having the bible in one hand, and a bread in the other hand, is not a correct thing! Kill Them, Kill them, Kill them, that is my massage,!” read the comment posted by Abdirahman Dirie, on July 11 to a discussion group at

The bloggers had been discussing violence against Somali Christians, and Dirie apparently was taking the side of the Somali Muslims.

However, the blogger Abdirahman Dirie was continuing to blog on the subject of Christians and Moslems today, meaning it couldn’t be the same person, unless someone had usurped the name as a joke.

“We can’t comment on where the investigation might be leading us,” Wright, the FBI spokeswoman, said today, when asked about the possible connection with last month’s fiery blog posting.

Cyanide is what Saddam Hussein is accused of using as a genocide agent against the Kurds in his own country during the Iran-Iraq war.

And it was a sodium-cyanide bomb, capable of killing thousands, that was inadvertently sent to the wrong address in 2002 when it was meant to be delivered from a Texas white supremacist to a New Jersey white supremacist.

Cyanide also is used to make paper, textiles and plastics, and to develop photographs. Cyanide gas is used as a pest exterminator, too.

Doug Ross reported that “Adbdirahman Dirie” left a comment on a blog that discussed the killing of Somali Christians by Islamists and by Islamic Courts.

The family of Saleman Abdirahman Dirie insisted that he was not a terrorist today. Officials said he suffered from mental illness.

The Jawa Report has more on the family.
Jay Tea at Wizbang did some research on the Burnsley Hotel.

UPDATE: From a reader–

You might want to take another look at the story from the Vail Daily. It’s supposedly from the Rocky Mountain News, yet the story doesn’t appear on the Rocky Mountain News website. Also, it seems to be factually incorrect- the “Kill Them” statement on a Zot Media board, NOT on LGF, as the Vail Daily seems to report. The Doug Ross story links the Zot Media board.

The Vail Daily story is highly questionable. I don’t know why they’re linking the comment to LGF, but indeed, it’s incorrect- just search the story on LGF, you’ll see if refers back to the Zot Media story that Doug Ross links.

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