Liberals Are Now Certain America Is Ready For Far Left Change

Barack Obama may have introduced his VP candidate Joe Biden today as “your next president”:
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But, that didn’t stop the Far Left from celebrating.
Democrats are certain that their extreme positions are gaining in popularity in America.
Truthout and McClatchy reported:

As Democrats gather, liberal positions gaining in popularity.

As they meet for their national convention Monday through Thursday, Democrats are poised to shift their party’s course – and the country’s.

They’re turning to the left – deeply against the war in Iraq, ready to use tax policy to take from the rich and give to the poor and middle class, and growing hungry, after years of centrist politics, for big-government solutions, such as a health-care overhaul, to steer the nation through a time of sweeping economic change.

They are, in short, more liberal than at any time in a generation and eager to end the Reagan era, which dominated not just the other party, but also their own, for nearly three decades.

“Every generation … there are changes in people’s relationship with government,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. This, he said, is such a time.

Of course… the article quotes 5 Democrats and Republicans.


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Are you ready for some change?

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