It's On!… GOP Revolts Against Drill-Nothing Dems In House

UPDATE: Here’s video from before this morning’s protest in the House:
(59 seconds)

Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) is twittering the GOP revolution today from the floor of the US House of Representatives:

US House conservatives will be here on the floor every day this week – I am here this morning to help kick it off…

15 other GOP House members have joined Culberson to kick off our filibuster demanding a vote to drill here drill now this morning.


Let Freedom Ring is following the protest action.

The Swamp has a report with video from Friday’s action.

Minority Leader John Boehner’s website is liveblogging the protest today.

House Republicans sent an Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi today:

Click to Enlarge

The Republicans created a Facebook Group: “Let’s Rock The House! I Support The Guerilla Congress”
Terrific!… Join up today!

UPDATE: The White House today said it had no plans to call for a special session of Congress.

UPDATE 2: You can sign the petition at Call Congress Back to hellp get Nazi Speaker to offer a vote on oil drilling.
Hat Tip Mike W.

UPDATE 3: Bummer. admits that the oil drilling crowd is winning the energy debate.

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