I made the news this morning… (Updated)

Around 6:45 AM CST I was hit by a semi tractor on Highway 70 near the depressed section by the St. Louis Arch.

The semi tractor pushed my trunk up into my back seat and forced me into the car ahead of me. The semi tractor then smashed me again and busted out the passenger side windows of the car.
My car was totaled in the accident. The St. Louis emergency medical team strapped me on a backboard and took me to a local hospital where I was checked out and checked out.

I’ll try to post some photos later in the day.
If you were caught in traffic down by the Gateway Arch this morning-
now you know why.
I feel fine- a little sore. It just shook me up.

UPDATE: I just went and collected a few things from my car.
Here are a couple of shots from the junkyard:
I was hoping to get my golf clubs.

But, they were stuck in the trunk and the trunk was pushed into the backseat.

I was able to get in only on the driver’s side and collect a couple of things.
I feel fortunate to walk away from this one.
Thanks for your advice and kind words.

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