Hulshof Wins GOP Gubernatorial Primary Over Steelman

Kenny Hulshof defeated conservative Sarah Steelman in the GOP primary for governor last night. Hulshof, a very popular US House Representatvive, took 49% of the vote to Steelman’s 45%:

In a hotly contested race for US House District 9, the slot left open when Hulfsof decided to run for Missouri governor, Blaine Luetkemeyer defeated conservative Dr. Bob Onder 40% to 29%.

I wrote about the Luetkemeyer-Onder race for Pajamas Media:
“Illegal Immigration Debate Heats Up Heartland Primary”


Dr. Onder was the clear conservative in the race but is still a relative newcomer to Missouri politics. Luetkemeyer has been around quite a while and people knew who he was.
Hopefully, we’ll see more of Dr. Bob Onder in the future.

KMOV has the complete list of primary election results.

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