Fatah Militants Flee Gaza To Israel For Safety

Palestinian Fatah members fled the violence of Gaza to the safety of Israel today:

Via BBC and The War News.

Fatah members loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are fleeing to Israel for safety.
The BBC reported:

Israel has allowed 180 members of a beleaguered clan loyal to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to enter its territory from the Gaza Strip.

The Fatah faction supporters ran to a border crossing after a day of bloody fighting with their bitter rivals Hamas, who control the territory.

An Israeli army spokesman said some had laid down their weapons as they approached the crossing.

The injured among them were sent to Israeli hospitals, he added.

Fatah and Hamas blames each other for starting the fighting on Saturday, in which nine people were killed.

Reports say that the clashes broke out during a raid by Hamas on the stronghold of a local pro-Fatah clan.

Hamas had accused Fatah supporters of involvement in a bombing a week ago that killed five Hamas members and a young girl. Fatah denies this.

The Fatah militants were hoping that Israel would save them from the violence in Gaza.

Israeli soldiers guard blindfolded Palestinian men, who had escaped to the border with Israel, at a military base near Kibbutz Nahal-Oz, just outside the Gaza Strip August 2, 2008. (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)

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