Democrats Cut and Run From Party In Droves!

Gee. Does anyone else see a looming disaster?
This has to have the Obama Camp, Howard Dean, Reid and Pelosi crapping in their britches.
Rasmussen reported:

During July, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Democrats fell two percentage points to 39.2%. That’s the first time since January that the number of Democrats has fallen below 41% (see history from January 2004 to present).

While the number of Democrats declined, there was virtually no change in the number of Republicans. In July, 31.6% said they were Republicans, the fourth straight month that number has been below 31.4% and 31.6%.

The Democrats now have a 7.6 percentage point advantage over the Republicans, down from a 9.5 percentage point advantage in June and 10.1 percentage points in May.

Maybe it’s time to send Michelle Obama back out on the stump?

Don’t worry Dems- five weeks of summer vacation out to do smooth things over with the public.


UPDATE: In related news- Obama is behind in Oklahoma by 32 percentage points… 56% to 24%.

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