Alaska Gov. Palin Sues Over Polar Bear Listing– AP Misreports

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sued the federal government seeking to reverse the decision to put the non-threatened polar bear on the threatened species list.

Despite a massive boom in polar bear numbers, the US Department of the Interior put polar bears on the Threatened Species List in May.
This graphic is from Kate.

Polar bear numbers in Canada have increased in 11 of 13 regions in recent years.

The decision was made due to junk science projections
Not because of actual numbers.


In the real world, polar bear populations are booming, not declining.
There are 5 times as many polar bears today as there were 50 years ago:

This fact on polar bear numbers was omitted by the AP today in their story on Palin.

The AP also reported that arctic sea ice was at a record low last year.
But, the AP did not mention that arctic sea ice levels are up over 1,000,000 square kilometers this year over last.
That fact didn’t fit the AP’s agenda.

Here’s how the AP reported the story today:

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Good for Governor Palin for challenging the federal government on their dangerous positions based on outdated junk science.

Some People like to refer to this as a “Bi-Polar Bear Disorder.”

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