Vile MSNBC Host Calls America's Most Decorated Veteran a Clown

I really hate to give this man any attention but this stunt was so over the top that it could not be ignored…
Blogs For McCain posted this clip of MSNBC Host Keith Olbermann attacking Col. Bud Day, America’s most decorated war veteran:
(1:18 mark of the video)

Blogs For McCain has more on the story.
While he mocked American patriot Col. Bud Day, Olbermann forgot to mention this about the war hero, taken from a previous Power Line post:

Karl Rove met up with Col. Day in April and related this story in a subsequent Wall Street Journal column. Day escaped his original detention in North Vietnam, but was recaptured. Upon recapture, the North Vietnamese conveyed a harsh message:

When he was recaptured, a Vietnamese captor broke his arm and said, “I told you I would make you a cripple.”

The break was designed to shatter Mr. Day’s will. He had survived in prison on the hope that one day he would return to the United States and be able to fly again. To kill that hope, the Vietnamese left part of a bone sticking out of his arm, and put him in a misshapen cast. This was done so that the arm would heal at “a goofy angle,” as Mr. Day explained. Had it done so, he never would have flown again.

But it didn’t heal that way because of John McCain. Risking severe punishment, Messrs. McCain and Day collected pieces of bamboo in the prison courtyard to use as a splint. Mr. McCain put Mr. Day on the floor of their cell and, using his foot, jerked the broken bone into place. Then, using strips from the bandage on his own wounded leg and the bamboo, he put Mr. Day’s splint in place.

Years later, Air Force surgeons examined Mr. Day and complimented the treatment he’d gotten from his captors. Mr. Day corrected them. It was Dr. McCain who deserved the credit. Mr. Day went on to fly again.

Greyhawk has an impressive biography of Bud Day’s career that Olbermann missed.

Here is the email address to send complaints to MSNBC.

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