"Vets For Freedom" Founder Pete Hegseth Slams Code Pink for Their Shameful Attacks on the Military (Video)

Pete Hegseth the executive director of “Vets For Freedom” slammed Medea Banjamin and Code Pink for their attacks on the military on The O’Reilly Factor.

Any time the Marxist founder of Code Pink gets slammed it’s good viewing:
(55 seconds)

Yesterday, “Vets For Freedom” endorsed 5 candidates running for the United States Congress, most who have worn the uniform, all who strongly believe in the mission of “Vets for Freedom.”

The list included Allen West for United States Congress in the 22nd District of Florida.


** On July 9, Vets for Freedom will hold a press conference—featuring over a dozen Iraq war veterans— to launch a national “Four Months, For Victory” media and grassroots campaign.

You can donate to this worthy organization HERE.

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