UN Wants To Take Lead On Counter Terrorism– But Refuses to Tie Terror To Religion


A Swiss-led panel of 5 nations decided on Thursday that the UN should assert itself as the global leader to fight terrorism. The panel also believes that the US should establish a new agency or program to coordinate that effort.
They want it to work like the wonderful the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. (See North Korea)

Holy Bomb Blast…
The panel held 5 meetings and came up with a set of proposals to lead the world in counter terrorism and seeks to “shift some of the emphasis away from military or police work and onto grappling with interrelated social, economic and health factors.” The panel also said the new boondoggle should “disdain torture and preserves prisoners’ rights.”
That sounds just like the Obama approach.


Their carefully worded resolution recommends that terrorism should never be associated with any religion.
The UN Action to Counter Terrorism document declares that:

Reaffirming also that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group,

That would be Islamophobic.

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