All Girls High School Opens New Sports Facilities In Baghdad

More good news for the young women of Iraq…
With the victory of the Bush surge, several projects are now being completed for the Iraqis.
Nice pants…

An Iraqi girl serves a volleyball at an exhibition game during a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Al-Manhel High School for Girls, July 16, in the Rashid District of southern Baghdad. (DVIDS)

The high school girls in Rashid will have new sports facilities this school year.
MNF-Iraq reported:

An all-girls high school celebrated the opening of several sports facilities and a new generator July 16 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad.

The renovation effort stemmed from a partnership with the Rashid District Council, the Ministry of Education and Coalition forces.

Capt. Thao Reed, a 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division company commander encouraged the Karkh II Sports Director of the Education District, Ahmed Abdullah, to establish a girls’ sports program across Rashid, and advised the school board to renovate the school.

“I am very happy today,” said Maida Ismail Majwed, the principal of the school. “This event means a lot for the girls, and I believe it made them happy. Also, this is an important event for all the women of Iraq.”

The ceremony showcased a new indoor volleyball court, outdoor basketball and volleyball court, and a generator to provide electricity.

A team of young Iraqi girls prepare for a serve during an exhibition game, July 16, at the Al-Manhel High School for Girls in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. (DVIDS)

Before the start of a ceremony, a young Iraqi girl practices her basketball shot while her team watches from behind her, July 16, in the Rashid District of southern Baghdad. During the ceremony, the Al-Manhel High School for Girls marked three new additions to their campus; an indoor volleyball court, a generator to supply power for the school, and outdoor basketball and volleyball court. (DVIDS)

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