Surprise!… MoveOn Releases Dishonest Ad– Surprise!…CNN Plugs It

If pro-Victory Vets for Freedom hope to get this same kind of free airtime as the pro-surrender “Betray-Us” crowd at, they can just forget it.
CNN doesn’t swing that way.

Today, CNN plugged MoveOn’s latest dishonest ad:

It might have been effective if it were true.
Unfortunately, Iraqi PM Maliki’s words were mistranslated.
He never talked about a timeline for withdrawing US troops.

CNN headlines the new anti-military, anti-victory and dishonest McCain-bashing ad today.
CNN reported:

Sen. John McCain’s Iraq policy is front-and-center in a new ad Wednesday taking aim at the Arizona senator’s unwillingness to stake out a timeline for redeployment of troops from Iraq.

“In Chicago, in Saint Louis and Seattle, the American people are demanding a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq,” the ad says. “In Baghdad and Basra and Tikrit, the Iraqi people……and now the Iraqi Prime minister are also demanding a timetable. But John McCain doesn’t want a timetable.”

John McCain, who supported President Bush’s veto of the war spending bill that would have withdrawn most U.S. troops by March 2008 and was an early proponent of sending additional American troops to Iraq, has consistently warned against withdrawing troops from the war torn country unless condition on the ground warrant it

For the first time last week, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki joined the growing number of American citizens and U.S. leadership in calling for a timetable for U.S. military withdrawal from the country…

That’s not true.
The BBC reported this week that Maliki’s words about setting a timeline for withdrawing US troops was mistranslated.
But, this didn’t stop CNN from repeating this lie today.

The RNC released the following statement in response to the ad, via CNN:

“ is repaying Barack Obama for his ideological position on Iraq by running ads that ignore the improving situation in Iraq. Obama and MoveOn were wrong to oppose the surge, and they’re wrong to demand immediate withdrawal now. Rather than listening to to set his strategy, Barack Obama should withhold judgment until he meets with our commanders in Iraq,” said RNC Spokesman Alex Conan.


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