Surprise!… Iranian News Praises Barack Obama

The regime in Iran hopes for change.

Barack Obama is already a hit with the mullahs.

The Iranian Fars News Agency praised Obama today for speaking out against the “harsh US rhetoric towards Iran”:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Monday that harsh US rhetoric toward Iran appeared to be contributing to the surge in oil prices and that a calmer approach might help soothe the markets.

Obama was asked in a news conference about some ways that the United States could help reduce the price of oil in the short term.

The Illinois senator listed some of his energy proposals such as a plan to rein in excessive speculation in the energy markets.

“There are some geopolitical issues that affect the price of oil,” he added. “So for us to ratchet down the rhetoric when it comes to Iran, for example, and engage in tough, principled diplomacy, as I’ve called for, might calm the markets down.”

Analysts view geopolitical factors as among the main causes of recent hike in prices, saying that fears of a new Middle East conflict are behind the new high for oil prices.

It’s not the first time the Iranian regime praised Obama.
They’ve been backing change for a while now.

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