Surprise!… AP Carries Water For Fire-Breathing Speaker

Speaker Pelosi came unglued today.
She viciously lashed out at President Bush.
The AP said this was unusual for the Speaker.
I call bull****.

Today, Speaker Pelosi viciously lashed out at President Bush on the economy, the war, energy on CNN:

So, what set off this episode?
President Bush criticized Congress for not passing a spending bill. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino added that this is the longest a Congress has gone in 20 years without passing a single spending bill
In response Pelosi came unglued and once again blasted him with a list of attacks.
Can you feel the projection?

CNN has this horrible irate response from the Speaker on the president’s request for a spending bill.

Later, the Associated Press insisted that Pelosi shot back in unusually personal terms.

They must be speaking about a different Nancy Pelosi…
Speaker Pelosi is one of the nastiest politicians in Washington.
This response to the president is nothing new. In fact before she became Speaker “60 Minutes” aired a few of her insulting remarks in a segment Pelosi in October 2006:

Pelosi has called her Republican colleagues “immoral” and “corrupt,” and has said they’re running a criminal enterprise.

“I mean, you’re one of the reasons we have to restore civility in the first place,” Stahl remarks.

“Well actually, when I called them those names, I was being gentle,” Pelosi says. “There are much worse things I could’ve said about them.”

That doesn’t include the nasty remarks she had for President Bush.
To say that today’s outburst was a departure from Pelosi’s typical behavior is not accurate.

TigerHawk thinks Pelosi ought to be quiet– she’s only drawing attention to herself.

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