RNC Highlights Obama's Flip-Flops– Obama Denies Charges

He was against the surge– He said it wouldn’t work– He said more troops would not make a difference.
Barack Obama was wrong.

The surge did work- We are winning in Iraq.

Today, thanks to the United States of America, another country is free!
(Texarkana News)

But, no thanks to St. Barack Obama or the Democratic Party.
The RNC released this powerful ad on flip-flopping and dishonest Barack Obama:

Barack Obama was wrong on Iraq.
Hat Tip Primetime Politics.

More… Asked today if he had been flip-flopping on shifting stances on Iraq, guns and the death penalty, Obama responded, “The people who say this haven’t apparently been listening to me.”

Related… This Ain’t Hell has the truth about that “Iraqi timeline” story being reported today.

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