Poor Ohio Family Forced to Scrimp On Food

You just can’t make this stuff up…
Poor Ohio Family Forced to Scrimp on Food


Angelica Hernandez (left) and her mother, Gloria Nunez, struggle to make ends meet on a very limited budget. (NPR)

NPR aired a sad piece on the Nunez family in Ohio who can no longer afford meat.
It’s a good thing they’re a radio channel.


Gloria Nunez has never worked. She says that since her car broke down (imagine that?) her daughter can’t look for a job either.
And, they’re scrimping on food:

The rising cost of food means their money gets them about a third fewer bags of groceries — $100 used to buy about 12 bags of groceries, but now it’s more like seven or eight.

They could probably do just fine with a few bags less of groceries, but that’s just me.
A little walking probably wouldn’t hurt either.

Moonbattery has more on the starving poor.

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