Stop the Press!… AP Admits Iraq War Basically Over

The Wall Street Journal reported that all of the most important objectives of the surge have been accomplished.
Michael Yon already announced- “We won.”
The Strategy Page says the war is basically over in Iraq

But, to see the AP report on the great progress in Iraq is truly an rare and wonderful event.

Put down the coffee…
The AP is reporting that young soldiers want to get to Afghanistan to see some action since Iraq is so quiet and boring and there’s not enough action.
The AP:

Spc. Grover Gebhart has spent nine months at a small post on a Sunni-Shiite fault line in western Baghdad. But the 21-year-old soldier on his first tour in Iraq feels he’s missing the real war — in Afghanistan, where his brother is fighting the Taliban.

With violence in Iraq at its lowest level in four years and the war in Afghanistan at a peak, the soldiers serving at patrol station Maverick say Gebhart’s view is increasingly common, especially among younger soldiers looking to prove themselves in battle.

“I’ve heard it a lot since I got here,” said 2nd Lt. Karl Kuechenmeister, a 2007 West Point graduate who arrived in Iraq about a week ago.

Today violence in Iraq is down 90% from last year.
Today 15 of 18 benchmarks have been met in Iraq.
Today Al-Qaeda is Iraq is defeated.
The tremendous progress is undeniable.
The fact that there were more US fatalities in Afghanistan the last two months was not so much because the violence is surging there but because of the success of the Bush surge in Iraq. Afghanistan has never seen the fatality numbers that we saw in Iraq.


The drop in violence in Iraq has been an amazing success:

In fact US Iraq fatalities this month are at an all-time low.. (Iraq Coalition Casualties)

Today the AP made a small step in reporting the great success of the Bush Surge.

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