Ouch!… Joe Scarborough and Harold Ford Blast Loony Lib Bloggers On Sunni Awakening Fantasy

Democrat Harold Ford joined Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe to blast the loony lib blggers who are trying to rewrite the Bush Surge success story.
Olbermann Watch posted the video, via HotAir:

This won’t help Harold Ford win the respect back from the crazed nutroots crowd who booed him last week at the freak show.
Here’s part of the transcript:

Joe Scarborough: Let me tell you. I know a couple of hosts ran this last night because a liberal blogger picked it up. I will guarantee you that the host who ran it had no idea whether the Sunni Awakening or the surge began at the same time. Also, anybody who would argue that the Sunni Awakening would have survived without the surge, anybody who make that argument is so ignorant of the facts on the ground in Western Iraq and al-Anbar Province and what the Sunni sheiks were doing throughout 2007, they are too stupid to be on TV. So I hope they don’t carry that argument much longer because it is laughable. Harold, is there any question that the surge hellped the Sunnis in Anbar Province stand up to al-Qaeda?

Harold Ford: In short “No.” …This you can’t deny… It’s obvious, without the surge we wouldn’t be where we are and we now got to move forward…

Joe Scarborough: What this is doing… This was to stop us from talking about the fact that Barack Obama is denying the obvious that the surge worked and he opposed it.

Well done.
And, congratulations to Harold Ford for pointing out the obvious.

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