Obama Visits Vacation Resort in Ramadi

“All of our top military commanders recognize that there is no military solution in Iraq. No military surge can succeed without political reconciliation and a surge of diplomacy in Iraq and the region. Iraq’s leaders are not reconciling. They are not achieving political benchmarks. The only thing they seem to have agreed on is to take a vacation.

Barack Obama
Explaining Why the Surge Will Fail
August 22, 2007

Today antiwar candidate Barack Obama traveled to Ramadi, Iraq.
He sat with Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, whose younger brother Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha, a leader of a Sunni revolt against al-Qaida in Iraq who was murdered by Al-Qaeda in September 2007.
Some vacation.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama drinks tea during his visit to the governor’s headquarters in Anbar province July 22, 2008. Obama travelled to Iraq’s Anbar on Tuesday to meet Sunni Arab tribal leaders whose decision to fight al Qaeda helped change the course of the conflict in the country. (REUTERS/Anbar Governor’s Media Office)

Here’s a look at how that “military solution” is going so far in Iraq since the Bush surge of troops started in 2007:

Attacks are down to record low levels (Brookings)


US troop fatalities are at their lowest levels since the war began. (Brookings)

Also, Al-Qaeda is decimated and the Iraqi government has reached 15 of 18 benchmarks.

Yet, despite the irrefutable success of the Bush surge, Barack Obama says that he would still vote against it today.
Barack Obama is not just inexperienced, he’s dangerous.

As Power Line noted, Barack Obama would rather lose a war than an election.

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