At Yad Vashem– Obama Fails to Soothe Jewish Fears

German police and Ukrainian collaborators in civilian clothes look on as Jewish women in Snaityn, Poland are forced to strip naked before their mass execution. Source: Main Commission for the Investigation of Nazi War Crimes, Warsaw, Poland. (Parascope)

This Is Not Good–
Barack Obama refused to ensure Israel today that there will not be another Holocaust…
Right after a tour of Yad Vashem Memorial!
Jake Tapper at the Political Punch reported:

An Israeli journalist called out to Obama: “Can you ensure that there will be no second Holocaust?”

Obama walked into the museum’s main building without responding…

Once again an Israeli journalist asked the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee how he’d help prevent a second Holocaust. “Senator can you assure Israel that there will be no second Holocaust despite Iran’s threat to wipe us off the map?” he asked.

Obama demurred, saying that it wasn’t appropriate to answer the question there.

“This is Yad Vashem!” the journalist responded.

Obama said he would answer the question at a later press availability.

Jennifer Rubin has more on his difficulties today at Commentary Magazine.


And, Dean Barnett points out this stunning pile of anti-Israel Lefty trope that Obama spewed out during his press conference yesterday in Amman:

“It (peace) is not only in the interest of the Palestinian people that their situation improves – I believe that it is in the interest of the Israeli people…That’s why terrorism is so counterproductive as well as being immoral because it makes I believe the Israelis want to dig in and simply think about their own security regardless of what’s going on beyond their borders.”

Israel, as recently as last week, has consistently scrambled for peace and has willingly engaged terrorist organizations to do so. Far from driving Israel into “digging in,” Hezbollah’s terrorist activities have often had their desired effect. And yet Barack Obama yesterday peddled the risible notion that Arab terrorism had somehow squelched the Israeli desire for peace and forced Israel into a protective shell.

How can Obama, he of the “talented, incredible gift of a mind,” be unaware of such basic facts? Then again, in Obama-world, perhaps such a deal would be called “tough and principled diplomacy.” Regardless, Obama’s assertion that terrorism has made Israel “dig in” is ludicrously counterfactual. I understand that on the Obama campaign bus they only watch ESPN, but it’s still surprising that the news of last week’s prisoner swap escaped the presumptive nominee’s notice.

These startling slips by Obama cannot be comforting to the Jewish community.

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel reports that the Israelis are not fooled by the traveling road show– As of Tuesday morning, “Israelis for Obama,” had about 57 members. and only six actually live in Israel.

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