Obama Insists He Was Correct on Iraq– Makes Up Sad Soldier Stories(?) (Video)

I call bulls**t.
It sounds like Barack Obama made up a sappy story for the media from his brief talk with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Obama says the troops were coming up and handing him photos of fellow soldiers who had died.
That’s unlikely. A vast majority of the soldiers avoided the antiwar Democrat, were kept away from him, or Obama avoided them. And, also if this were true, it likely would have already been reported by the media or military news services.
This was certainly another Obama fantasy like his line about how Democrats caused the Anbar Awakening.

Obama also continues to insist that his decisions were correct even though his most important decision as a US senator- voting against the Bush Troop Surge- was the wrong one.

Even the AP is now reporting that the Iraq War is Won
No thanks to Obama or his fellow Democrats.


Here is Barack Obama with Bill Hemmer from FOX News in London:
(1 minute 47 seconds)

This is a transcript from the interview in London earlier today after he dissed Prime Minister Brown at 10 Downing Street:

Bill Hemmer: Did you learn anything from this trip that changed your positions?

Barack Obama: Well, I-uh-uh, what happens on a trip like this is I think you deepen your understandings. Um, the broad strategic outlines I understood, I think, very well. And, there was a lot of confirmation of my strategies- that we need to get more troops into Afghanistan, that the Iraqis are willing to take more responsibility and we should encourage that, that Iran is a grave threat and we’ve got to help to mobilize the Middle East as well as the world community around that issue which includes tough direct talks on Iran.

But, when you’re on the ground, and you’re talking to our troops and uh, they’re handing you pictures of fellow soldiers who died, and, uh, you listen to uh, you know the stories of sacrifice and courage that are being made, as well as the frustrations over the failures of-uh-of the Afghan government or the Iraqi government to follow through with the development that’s needed, uh, to make people feel confident in their government, then it just reminds you of what a difficult job this is and how this is going to occupy a lot of energy for the next president as well as the same time we’re going to have to focus on all of the hardship back home with the economy.

Bill Hemmer: Just to be clear nothing’s changed in your policies as a result of this trip?

Barack Obama: Well, I think as I said before, uh, our broad strategic outlines are right.

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