Obama Camp Confuses Evangelicals With Pro-Gay Agenda

To Barack Obama- gay rights is all explained in the Sermon on the Mount.
To Evangelicals, the issue is not so clear.

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A pro-gay rights flyer handed out by the Obama Campaign at the Pride Festival in St. Louis.

Barack Obama was speaking on faith on Tuesday. But, his pro-gay rights agenda is confusing to Christians.
CBN News reported:

Obama delivered another speech about faith Tuesday. He’s done a few of these concerning his faith and how it shapes his public policy. But Sunday his campaign and the Democratic Party were handing out pro-gay rights flyers at the Pride Festival in St. Louis. How is that going to play in the heartland?…

Obama has passed the first hurdle by engaging people of faith and being willing to discuss his faith openly. He has passed with flying colors. But now comes the hard part. It’s called scrutiny. His political opponents believe that once Evangelicals really get a handle on what Obama is all about policy wise, then they’ll be turned off and they won’t buy in to the lofty rhetoric.

Handing out pro-gay rights flyers while at the same time talking about your “Christian faith” is a MAJOR disconnect for not only conservative Evangelicals but for some of those Independent voting, moderate leaning working class folks in the rust belt. It doesn’t play well.

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