Nice… Loons Disrupt Bush at July 4th Naturalization Ceremony (Video)

Here’s another reminder that nothing is sacred to the Left.

Code Pink disrupted President Bush at the 46th Annual Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony:

A protester disrupting U.S. President George W. Bush’s speech is led away at Monticello’s 46th Annual Independence Day Celebration and naturalization ceremony at Monticello in Charlottesville July 4, 2008. (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

Here’s the video of the crazed loons, via Free Republic:

This crap is getting reaalllly old.


It was nice of the Leftists to ruin the naturalization ceremony for the new Americans and their families.

It was not clear if this nut was with Code Pink or not.

UPDATE: The crazed Pinko running at President Bush is Desiree Farooz, the same lunatic who assaulted Condoleezza Rice with “bloody” hands at a Senate hearing last October. This dangerous woman is going to get seriously hurt some day.

Although, not verified, another commenter claims the nut in the UVA shirt was Kucinich’s press secretary.

UPDATE 2: The freaks were screaming “F**K You Bush!”
The New Editor has video.
They were also taking turns disrupting the president.
That’s not freedom of speech- That’s abuse.

UPDATE 3: McClatchy Watch confirms via After Downing Street that the nut in tht UVA shirt is Code Pink photographer S. Johnson. The disruption was coordinated by David Swanson, the former press secretary for Dennis Kucinich.
Keep it classy, Democrats.

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