Yep. This about sums it up…
Here’s a nauseating video put together by the McCain Campaign that shows the media’s tingly gooey lip-smacking love for Obama:

There’s another video that is just as revolting.
You can vote on your favorite HERE.

The sad thing is… They can’t even hide it well anymore and it doesn’t look like they even care. They’re drunk on Barack.

And, Charles Johnson found the latest Che-Obama sighting:

Palestinian artist Walid Ayyoub poses with a drawing of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in his studio in the West Bank city of Ramallah July 22, 2008. (Reuters)


And, here is a taste of how the media is reporting his trip so far:

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The captions read- “Obama braves Mideast political minefield…” and “Obama urges political solution in Iraq…”
What a brave and intelligent man.
What a gift we have been given.

More… There are numerous reasons why Obama should not be president but watching the media-heads bawl like babies on election night is making its way up the list.

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