McCain Uses Barack Obama to Slam Barack Obama On Iraq

In Barack Obama’s most important foreign policy decision as a US Senator he was wrong.
Obama voted against the Bush Surge.


Since the surge began… Iraq has achieved 15 of 18 benchmarks and violent attacks are down by 90% over last year. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been decimated. US fatalities continue to decline. Iraq is looking to have security control of all of its 18 provinces by the end of this year.


In the words of John McCain this week:

“Today we know Senator Obama was wrong. The surge has succeeded and because of its success, the next President will inherit a situation in Iraq in which America’s enemies are on the run… Senator Obama will tell you we can’t win in Afghanistan without losing in Iraq.”

Today the McCain Camp slammed Barack Obama by using his several positions in Iraq against him:

You’d think Barack Obama would learn.
But, just this week Obama called to flee Iraq to win Iraq(?)

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