McCAIN CLAIMS VICTORY IN IRAQ– Let the Gnashing of Teeth Begin

My, what a difference 2 years and a successful surge make in a political landscape.

Two years ago Republicans cringed when Iraq was discussed.
…Not any more.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats could not surrender in time for defeat in Iraq.

It’s about time that Republicans start to hammer the Defeat-ocrats for their dangerous plans for Iraq and the Middle East!
The Democrats would have left Iraq in ruins. And, not even the talk of genocide would change their minds.
Good for President Bush, Republicans and John McCain for implementing a plan for success.


And, good for John McCain for finally claiming Victory in Iraq:

Republicans ought to follow John McCain’s lead on this.
It’s time to hammer the party that would bring shame and defeat on this great nation.

As Peter Wehner said, “Obama, was not only wrong about the surge; he was spectacularly wrong.

The US has suffered fewer fatalities this month than any other month since the war began back in 2003.

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