McCain Ad Pounces On Obama For Shortchanging the Wounded Troops In Germany

Antiwar Democrat Barack Obama, who voted against the successful troop surge and who finally got around to visiting Afghanistan, decided to blow off the wounded troops in Germany this past week and went to work out instead.

This is after Obama just a few days earlier told US troops in Afghanistan that- “Visiting soldiers is my favorite thing to do.”

This weekend, John McCain pounced on the inexperienced and arrogant Democratic candidate, blasting him for ignoring the troops:

HotAir has more on the ad buy.


Obama did however find time to thank the troops in Germany…

To thank the German Polizei, that is.

To be fair… Barack Obama did phone the wounded troops at Landstuhl after blowing them off the day before.

UPDATE: John McCain blasted Obama today in his interview with George Stephanopolous.
This was a terrific interview for McCain.

UPDATE 2: I believe McCain struck a liberal vein. The libs are freaking out.

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